3 - How to make the SnapCall dashboard on Zendesk accessible and control it

If you're here, this probably means you have already installed SnapCall for Messaging to your Zendesk account and are ready to launch voice, video & screen sharing calls right inside Zendesk Chat, Messaging, and Sunshine Conversations. 


All the recordings and statistics about the calls made on Zendesk through SnapCall are accessible on an embedded dashboard. You can find more information about it here


This dashboard is normally only accessible for the "Admins" of your Zendesk workspace. 


However, if you want to give access to it to specific agents without making them "Admins" of your Zendesk workspace, you can do it through the creation of a specific group of agents that needs to be named "SnapCall dashboard". 


Once done, automatically, all the agents added to this group will have access to the SnapCall dashboard on your Zendesk instance. 


Here's the procedure to do it on your Zendesk account: 


1. First, you need to click on the "Four squares" icon on the top right of your Zendesk interface (1)




2. Then, on the menu that appears, click on "Admin Center" (1)




3. On the left of your screen, click on "People" (1) to show the drop-down menu




4. On this drop-down menu, choose the option named "Groups" (1) 




5. On the group page, click on "add group" (1)




6. First, add the name of the group (1). It needs to be "SnapCall dashboard". Then you can add a group description (2). Then you need to choose the agents that will be part of the group on the list displayed (3). Finally, you can click on the "Create group" icon (4)




7. This is an example of how it could look like for step 6




8. Once the group is created, you can test it by going on the Zendesk workspace as a member of the group. You'll need to click on the SnapCall icon on the left of your screen (1)




9. Enjoy the use of the Dashboard to do some "monitoring" of the calls made through SnapCall! 



Do you have any questions? Want to share some feedback? We're more than happy to discuss this with you. Drop us a message via support@snapcall.io and we'll get back to you soon! 💌