3 - How to use the different features of SnapCall?

We're excited to introduce a new SnapCall experience, enabling voice, video calls, and screen sharing inside Zendesk Chat, Messaging, and Sunshine Conversations. ?


This new version of our application on Zendesk introduces some major differences (new features) in the use you can make of our app. For example, multipart calls, multi-devices calls, and all of this with a brand new shape


Let's have a look at this awesome new experience on the agent side!! ?


1. Open new tab : One of the new features of this V2 is the full-screen call.

To enable it, click on "Menu" and then on "Open new tab". The call will open on a new tab and take the full screen.


Once this new page opened, the customer is on the main display (1) and you're still on the live return side (2) 


2. Picture-in-Picture : This feature will allow you to access a website while keeping an eye on your customer. 

To enable it, click on "Menu" and then on "Picture-in-Picture". 

You have the possibility to move and change the window size of your customer on your screen as you wish. 


3. Quick Connect : You want to join the call from your smartphone, or simply show a product with your customer. Here is our new feature that will allow you to do that ! 

To enable it, click on "Menu" and then on "Quick Connect". 


A QR code will be automatically generated, you will just have to scan it with your smartphone. 


Now you can show your products, take picture of them, and share the snapshot immediately.



3. Screen Sharing : To use the screen-sharing, click on the "Screen-sharing" button (1), the screen-sharing option is displayed (2), then choose what you want to screen-share - full screen, specific window, specific tab - to the customer (3). Finally, click on the "Share" button (4)



10. Screen-sharing is enabled. The content is on the main display (1), and the customer is on the side (2)



11. When you quit the call, you have a "You left the call" message (1). If it was by mistake or if you need to get back to the call, click on the "Go back to call" button (2)



12. At the end of the call, you can write a follow-up message to your customer as the conversation is still active. It can be useful to send technical information mentioned during the call or send another calling card if needed.



Do you have any questions? Want to share some feedback? We're more than happy to discuss this with you. Drop us a message via support@snapcall.io and we'll get back to you soon! ?