1 - Introducing the Inbound Calling feature

If you're here, this probably means you have already connected your LiveChat account to SnapCall and are ready to try calling one of your customers. πŸš€ 

The SnapCall app allows you to benefit from the "Inbound Call" feature. This means your customers call you without you needing to send them a calling card invitation. ☎️


πŸ‘‰ If you haven't connected to SnapCall yet, here's how to do it.


❗IMPORTANT: Your customer needs to be on an active chat conversation with an agent to trigger the call. 


A. Let's see how to set it up (or disable it if you don't want to use it)

1. Let's see how to set up the Inbound Call feature. Go on your LiveChat interface. Click on the "Settings" gear.



2. Scroll down in the menu, and click on "Manage apps"



3. Find the "SnapCall" application in the list, and click on it



4. The "Inbound call" feature is displayed. Then you can click on the button "Enable" or "Disable" regarding your goal. 

Status is shown, ("Enabled" or "Disabled") so you know it before choosing the good option. 



B. Let's have a look at the customer side

1. Customer is browsing on the website and clicks on the LiveChat icon to start a chat request. 



2. Once the LiveChat icon opened, the customer fill the pre-chat request



3. As soon as an agent picks up the customer from the queue, an active chat conversation is on. And so the inbound call feature. 



4. To initiate the Inbound call, the customer just needs to click on the associated icon



5. Call is initiated, and it's a "normal call", so the customer needs to allow the use of the microphone and turn up the volume of the device. 



6. When the agent picks up the call on his side, him and the customer are on a voice call. They can then enable video and screen sharing if needed/wanted. 



C. Let's have a look at the agent side

1. When the customer fully filled the pre-chat request, the agent can pick it up from the queue by clicking on the button "Pick from queue". 



2. The chat conversation is now "active" and ready to launch or receive calls using the SnapCall app. 



3. Agent receives a technical notification saying "2/3 Call started - Waiting for customer microphone permission".

This means a call is started, and the customer clicked on the inbound call button on his side. 



4. The next step is a second technical notification with the message "3/3 Customer activated microphone - You can join the call". At the same time, the icon πŸŽ₯. is displayed.

The call is going to be presented on the SnapCall app, and the agent is going to hear it ringing if he enabled his notifications. 



5. On the SnapCall application, the call is ringing, and the agent needs to click on the "Join" button to speak with the customer. 



6. Call is "live" and you can start enjoying SnapCall with your customer. 

It's a normal SnapCall call. This means you can enable video & screen sharing if you want, either on the agent side and/or the customer side. find more info's about it here



All set! You just switched from chat to a voice conversation with your customer with just a couple of clicks πŸ˜‰ in case you need more information on how SnapCall + LiveChat works, click here.


Do you have any questions? Want to share some feedback? We're more than happy to discuss this with you. Drop us a message via support@snapcall.io and we'll get back to you soon! πŸ’Œ