Agent interface capability


Pre-requisite:  Please use chrome browser for a better experience


1. Agent authentification on SnapCall

The agent needs to connect SnapCall to Zendesk Chat by clicking on "ON"

This will automatically open a new page on Zendesk asking permission Access


2. Invite the customer to a video call

Below the text section, the agent clicks on SnapCall button.

It will automatically send the "invitation" to the customer in the chat to join the call.

On the agent side, it is displayed  "SnapCall invitation sent "




3. Managing the video call

It all starts with a voice call. Both should enable video.

The agent can see the customer and can show himself.


a. Flip agent camera

The agent can flip his camera to show the product.


b. Flip video

The agent can flip the customer video to product video to have a better view of what he is showing