How to get started with SnapCall for Messaging


We're excited to introduce a new SnapCall experience. We recently launched a new app, enabling voice, video calls, and screen sharing inside Zendesk Chat, Messaging, and Sunshine Conversations. 🚀


The SnapCall app for Messaging:

  • takes just one click to install
  • is fully embedded inside Zendesk Support
  • doesn't require a phone number, any additional software/hardware
  • allows calling your customers worldwide
  • has extremely competitive pricing – you only pay per seat, no additional price per call or per minute


Here's a step-by-step guide on how to install the SnapCall app & launch audio and video calls inside the Chat, Messaging, and SunCo 👇


1. Find SnapCall for Messaging app on the Zendesk Marketplace here. Click on the Install button.



2. Select an account to install the app and click on the Install button again.



3. Once you've installed the SnapCall app for Messaging, go to your Zendesk workspace and click on the Settings button on the left side menu.



4. Scroll down to the Setting section and click on the Agents button.



5. If it's not enabled yet, make sure to Enable the Zendesk Agent Workspace. Don't forget to scroll down and click on the Save button.



6. Let's check whether all the relevant licenses are enabled for your team members. You can do that by clicking on View profile.



7. Click on Manage in Admin Center to check enabled licenses.



8. Make sure the Chat license is enabled for those agents who will be using the SnapCall app for messaging. Please keep in mind that our app is available for agents using the Zendesk Agent Workspace and are subscribed to Zendesk Suite Enterprise or Zendesk Sunshine Conversations.



9. Once you've checked all the previous steps, get back to your Zendesk workspace, click on the SnapCall app for messaging icon, and then click on Log in button.



10. Click on the Allow button.


11. You'll be not taken back to your Zendesk workspace and Chat is will be enabled. Now click on Enable notifications.



12. Click on the Allow button.



13. If it's not enabled yet, allow the microphone usage on your browser.



Good job – you're all set and ready to launch audio/video calls right inside Zendesk Chat, Messaging, and Sunshine Conversations! 💪


Do you have any questions? Want to share some feedback? We're more than happy to discuss this with you. Drop us a message via and we'll get back to you soon! 💌