How to call your customers directly from Zendesk?

We made it possible for you to call back customers directly from Zendesk. In order to benefit from this feature, you'll need to:

  • have access to phone numbers of your user base
  • set up a Caller ID on your SnapCall dashboard (click on the button you're using to receive calls on your Zendesk account -> click on edit in the General Information section -> set up Caller ID in the System Settings section) – ❗this is a very important step without which calling your customers from Zendesk won't be possible

  • set up the extraContext functionhere's the explanation on how to do it

  • make sure to use the following format while setting up the extraContext function:
    - use 'phoneNumber' as a key
    - use a phone number, starting with a country code (e.g. +3312345678) as a value

If you've checked all of these steps correctly, once a registered customer with a phone number calls your team on Zendesk, a new ticket will be opened each time you receive a call (either you pick up the call or you miss it, the ticket will be created with the call back button inside).


Let's now see how calling a customer from Zendesk looks like:

1. When the call is incoming, answer it and the new ticket will automatically be created (the ticket will be created in case you miss the call and don't pick it up too).



2. As you can see, the ticket is already opened. Once you hang up the call, you'll be able to call your customer back.



3. Once the call is finished, you'll be able to call your customer back by clicking on the Call customer button.




How do I start with SnapCall?

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