4 - Requesting a call interaction via Chatbot


If you're using Chatbot, it's easy to make a simple configuration, letting your website visitors know about the possibility to get on a call right inside the chat.

Even though the full power of making the call available for a customer is in your team's hands, it's important to make sure the visitors of your website are aware of this possibility and can easily let your team know in case they prefer proceeding with the purchase or explaining the issue via the voice conversation.

In this article, we're sharing some tips on how to configure your Chatbot to let your customers know about the possibility to get on a call with your team.


1. Set up the first Bot response. Provide the information about the options of contacting your team – we recommend including options, such as "Let's Chat" and "Let's Talk" to let your customers know about the different communication channels offered.


Response types that should be used: Button and Quick reply (Quick reply option is used in the example below)



2. Create a User input for each of Bot response options created in the previous step (in our example, it's "Let's Chat", "Let's Talk" and "Bye")



3. Now go back to the first Bot response and connect each option to the corresponding User input. Choose "Go to block" as a Button type and type in a relevant text in the Go to the field.



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