2 - Boost user engagement with Custom Bots


Intercom has a great technology called Operator that enables you to set up various bots that can help automate mundane tasks and improve customer experience. One of these setups is Custom Bots, which helps to encourage visitors to interact with your team more – this way you're able to quickly jump on a support case and make sure interested leads don't leave without a purchase.

As you're using SnapCall, your website visitors are now able not only to have a written conversation with you but also to get on a call right inside the Intercom Messenger. Even though the full power of making the call available for a customer is in your team's hands, it's important to make sure the visitors of your website are aware of this possibility and can easily let your team know in case they feel more comfortable proceeding with their purchase or explaining their issue via the voice conversation.


Here's a step-by-step guide to enable Custom Bots for your Intercom Messenger widget and boost user engagement with voice:


1. Open your Intercom account and click on Operator.



2. In the Custom Bots section, choose Outbound.



3. Click on New Custom Bot.



4. Click on New custom bot to create your bot from scratch – just as you imagine it.



5. Let's start with the message. Update the text by simply clicking on it and adding your own.



6. Next, you can add an emoji, a gif, upload a picture, or even a video to your message. When you add one of these objects, make sure it's located above the text message.



7. Now scroll down a bit to the Reply buttons and use them to make it clear for your website visitors there are two possibilities to get in touch with your team:

  • 💬  to start the chat conversation
  • 📞  to get on a call right inside the chat



8. Update the buttons with your chosen text. To make it super clear, we suggest using "Let's Chat" + this emoji 💬 for the first button and "Let's Talk" + this emoji 📞 for the second one.



9. You now need to choose a path for both buttons. Click on the first one.



10. Now click on Add path.



11. Both of the paths will be automatically named New paths.



12. When you're mouse is on one of the paths, a little arrow will appear. Click on it.



13. Make sure to check all four actions in this step:

  • Update the name of the path
  • Update the text message that is going to be sent to the customer once they click on a particular button
  • Check the "Show bot until" section
  • Check the "Show first on" section



14. If you want your bot to send another message to customers until you answer, click on +Add and choose Add bot-message.



15. If you'd like to gather some data before you answer, click on Add data field and choose what type of data would like to get:



16. In the Actions section, you can do things like:

  • Assign clicks to this button to a specific member(s) of your team
  • Add a person tag
  • Mark such chat as a priority
  • Add a conversation tag



➡️ Once you're done with the first button, don't forget to repeat the same process with the second one as well!


17. Let's now scroll down a bit more and click on the Rules section.



18. Click on Add a rule and Add a URL rule to set up the URL you'd like this custom bot to be on or Add a time on page rule to set when the custom bot should appear for the customer.



19. Click on Visitors and choose for which categories should the custom bot appear. Also, click on +Add a rule to choose from a set of various rules offered by Intercom.



20. Once you're done with Rules, click on Scheduling and make a setup that's relevant to your business and working hours.



21. You can add an objective you'd like this custom bot to achieve by setting it up in the Goal section.



22. Change the name of your custom bot and click on Set live once you're done setting it up.



Good job – you're all set! Now your website visitors will know about the possibility to get on a call right inside the Intercom Messenger!


Here's what it looks like on our website 👇





Do you have any questions? Want to share some feedback? We're more than happy to discuss this with you. Drop us a message via support@snapcall.io and we'll get back to you soon! 💌