3 - Boost user engagement with Rich Greetings


LiveChat has recently introduced Engagement, a new Settings section, allowing users to enable setups that help boost your customers' engagement with the chat widget. One of them is Targeted messages. There are two types of targeted messages: Greetings (helps encourage visitors to interact with your team more) and Announcements (enables you to communicate product updates and other important information right inside the chat widget).


As you're using SnapCall, your website visitors are now able not only to have a written conversation with you but also to get on a call right inside the chat. Even though the full power of making the call available for a customer is in your team's hands, it's important to make sure the visitors of your website are aware of this possibility and can easily let your team know in case they feel more comfortable proceeding with their purchase or explaining their issue via the voice conversation.


Here's a step-by-step guide to enable rich greetings for your LiveChat widget and boost user engagement with voice:


1. Open your LiveChat account and click on Settings.



2. Choose the Engagement section and click on Targeted messages.



3. Click on New targeted message.



4. Click on Greeting.



5. Make sure the chosen greeting type is Card.



6. Remove the Write a message part by clicking on the blue bin on the right.



7. You can choose from five different gifs made by LiveChat or paste your own picture's/gif's URL in the Image URL field (for example, here's the gif we have created at SnapCall)



8. Update the text on the Title and add a Subtitle in case you see the need to communicate a longer message.



9. Let's now use buttons to make it clear to your website visitors there are two possibilities to get in touch with your team:

  • 💬  to start the chat conversation
  • 📞  to get on a call right inside the chat

To start with, please click on the + Add button to create a second button.



10. You now have two buttons and can update their Button title with your chosen text. To make it super clear, we suggest using "Let's Chat" + this emoji 💬 for the first button and "Let's Talk" + this emoji 📞 for the second one.



11. Click on the Let's Chat 💬 button and make sure the chosen Button type is Send message. For the Button style, we suggest keeping the first button on Default and highlighting the second button.



12. Click on the Let's Talk 📞 button and make sure the chosen Button type is Send message. For the Button style, we suggest highlighting the second button and choosing Primary.



13. Good job – you're almost done! Click on Next: set conditions to finalize the greeting.



14. Set up greeting's conditions, such as who and when will see this greeting on your website. Once you're done, click Save greeting.



Good job – you're all set! Now your website visitors will know about the possibility to get on a call right inside the chat window.



Do you have any questions? Want to share some feedback? We're more than happy to discuss this with you. Drop us a message via support@snapcall.io and we'll get back to you soon! 💌