1 - What's the customer experience with SnapCall?


SnapCall integration with Intercom enables a fully digital calling experience right inside the Intercom Messenger. Let's look into the customer experience of jumping on a call right inside the chat conversation.


1. When your team initiates a call with a customer, this is how the incoming call looks like on their side. Customer needs to click on the Answer button to get connected with the agent they've been chatting with. 



2. Once a customer clicks on the Answer button, they'll need to allow the microphone usage on their browser.



3. Once a customer allows their microphone usage and the agent who initiated the call accepts it on their side, they'll get connected and the timer, showing the length of the call, starts.



4. Once a call is finished, a customer has an opportunity to rate it.Customer4.png


5. Once a customer rates a call, they can follow up via chat.



Do you have any questions? Want to share some feedback? We're more than happy to discuss this with you. Drop us a message via support@snapcall.io and we'll get back to you soon! 💌