2 - How to launch a call with SnapCall on Intercom


SnapCall integration with Intercom enables a fully digital calling experience right inside the Intercom Messenger. There are a couple of quick steps to ensure everything goes smooth once you decide to jump on a call with your customer! 👇


1. When your workspace admin has installed the SnapCall app, it allowed you to initiate a call with a customer right inside your Intercom workspace. 
First, you need to open the call console (on which the call is going to happen) by clicking on the "Call Console" button



2. This new page opened in a new tab is the call console. All the calls will happen there. You need to keep it open as long as you want to use SnapCall. 



3. On this call console tab, please allow the use of the microphone. In the beginning, a popup will appear (top left of the screen), requiring microphone permission 🎤.
If not, please click on the lock on the top left, and manually allow its use



4. Once the microphone is allowed, you can go back on the Intercom main tab (keeping the call console opened). You'll initiate the call with the customer from there. 
To initiate the call with the customer, either you click on the SnapCall button in the messaging field (Green circle), or you click on the "Add an app" button, and then on the SnapCall Video option (red circle then red square)



5. The previous step created a Calling Card that you need to send to the customer inside the conversation. To proceed, click on the "Send" button in the bottom right corner of the messaging field.  Frame_4.png


6. Once the invitation to the customer is sent, you need to go back on the call console tab, as the call will be presented there. Once presented, click on the answer button to talk to the customer. 




7. Call has started, you're talking to your customer. You can then enable your video prior to the customer. To do so, please click on the camera icon



8. Once the video is enabled, you can check yourself in the little live return monitor on the top right of the calling screen



9. When the customer enabled his own video, he will appear on the main display, while your live return will still be visible. 



10. Both agent and customer can benefit from screen sharing. To enable it, you click on the screen-sharing icon and then choose the relevant display (full screen, specific window, specific tab). Then you click on "Share". 



11. At the end of the call, you can go back to the Intercom workspace tab. This will allow you to do any follow-up (if needed) with the customer, as the conversation is still open



Do you have any questions? Want to share some feedback? We're more than happy to discuss this with you. Drop us a message via support@snapcall.io, and we'll get back to you soon! 💌