How does SnapCall integration with Intercom work?


SnapCall integration with Intercom enables a fully digital calling experience right inside the Intercom Messenger. Your team can now effortlessly initiate a call with prospects or customers to boost sales conversions and deliver an outstanding customer experience. 🚀

Such calls:

  • are fully digital;
  • no phone number or any additional equipment is needed;
  • no need to create an additional account or install anything;
  • happen right inside the Intercom Messenger widget and are completely free of charge for the customers worldwide.

Chat is taking too long as the customer is slow to respond? The customer is asking you to have a live conversation over the phone? You decide when the voice can help you and enhance the experience for the customer!


Getting started

1. When your workspace admin has installed the SnapCall app, the green button shown below will appear for everyone in your team – you'll need to use this button to launch a call.



2. Also, by clicking on the green SnapCall button, you can access the SnapCall Call console (this is where you'll have to accept a customer joining a call) and Dashboard (this is where you'll be able to check call statistics and history).



3. When you open the Call console for the first time, you need to allow the microphone usage on your browser. Click on the Allow button on the tab that pops up automatically. 🎤



4.  Once done with the microphone, you'll need to click on Enable notifications, so you're notified when a customer gets on the call you've initiated.



5. Good job – you're all set to start calling customers right inside the Intercom Messenger! 🏆



Launching a call

1. Since you're all set now, let's launch a call! 📞 Make sure your Call console is open on another page and click on the green SnapCall button in the area where you type the answer. Once the call interface appears, hit Send.



2. Well done! You've just initiated a call with a customer you're chatting with. They can click on Answer and the call will start ringing for you.



3. Once the customer answers the call, click on the green button inside your Call console to pick it up. 🧑‍🚀



4. Once you're on a call with a customer you have to options:

▪️ Put a customer on hold
▪️ Hang up and finish the call



5. After the call is finished, you can follow up with the customer via chat if needed. 



Do you have any questions? Want to share some feedback? We're more than happy to discuss this with you. Drop us a message via and we'll get back to you soon! 💌