How does SnapCall integration on LiveChat work


SnapCall has partnered with LiveChat to create a new and truly great experience for both your team and your customers. You can now call your customers directly inside the chat conversation. 🙌

Such inside-a-chat calls:

  • are fully digital;
  • no phone number or any additional equipment is needed;
  • no need to install anything, just allow the microphone usage on your device and start the conversation.

Chat is taking too long as the customer is slow to respond? The customer is asking you to have a live conversation over the phone? You decide when the voice can help you and enhance the experience for the customer!



1. When your workspace admin has installed SnapCall, the green button shown below will appear for everyone in your team. Click on that button.



2. You now need to click on the same green button (just bigger) above the Details section.



3. Click on Sign in with LiveChat.



4. Click on Allow.



5. One more important thing – make sure to enable the notifications. Click on the button with the red text to do it.



6. Good job – you'll be now able to call a customer directly from the chat window.



7. To start a call with a customer, click on the green SnapCall button in your chat field.



8. Choose the language of the call card and click on Send.




9. Here you go! You just initiated a call with the customer you're chatting with. 👍 Wait for them to answer the call.

Make sure the SnapCall app is open on your agent console on the right, so you see the incoming call.


10. Just wait for the customer to accept the call and allow microphone usage on their device. When the call will start ringing on your agent console, click on Answer to start a conversation.



11. If a customer hasn't hung up and you finished the call, click on Hang up to do it yourself.



12. After the call is finished, a customer will be asked to rate it. You'll both get the summary of the call (start time, end time, and duration).



Do you have any questions? Want to share some feedback? We're more than happy to discuss this with you. Drop us a message via and we'll get back to you soon! 💌