SnapCall 3.0 – what's new?

The SnapCall team is excited to announce we have launched a new version of the SnapCall app for Zendesk. And it's designed to provide your team with an even better experience. 😉


Significantly decrease AHT and boost agents' performance

1. The new SnapCall app allows agents to see customer data before picking up the call. This way, an agent can save time on identifying the customer (customer data, such as first and last name, email address, location, a phone number will be displayed here) and can already have a clue why the user is calling based on their location, the page from which the call was launched, etc. Now agents are also able to see how long is the customer waiting and greet them according to the situation. 😉



2. Agents can now reset their wrap up time with just one click and join the queue as soon as they're ready. This will help save time and serve more customers.



3. Once the call is finished, the agent will be able to see all the previous interactions with the customer they just talked to, including call and chat tickets.



4. Agents are now able to track the number of answered calls and compare it with the total number of calls answered by the whole team. Also, it's visible how many agents are currently online and keep track of the overall situation.



Let us show you what's new!

1. Agents can now set their status by clicking on Online and choosing between two modes:

  • Online – when they are ready to receive calls
  • Away – when they go on a break or need to focus on other tasks



2. In a section below, each agent can see:

  • Calls answered – the number of calls answered that day
  • Total calls – the total number of calls answered by all the team that day
  • Agents online – the number of agents online (including yourself)



3. Call history section. Agents can see the most recent calls they received as well as the calls' ID, duration, and button's name.



4. Migration section. The new version of the SnapCall app allows you to check all of the tickets in the workspace that are tagged as snapcall . If the old fields are filled and the new fields are empty, we fill the new fields with the values of the old fields (without removing or changing the old ones).



5. In the Buttons list section, agents will see all the SnapCall buttons to which they are assigned as well as the status of each button (Open/Closed).



6. In the Agents list section, you'll be able to see up to 20 other agents – both available and away.



7. Transferring the call is super easy now! 📞Transfer call button will appear once an agent clicks on the three dots near the selected colleague's email address. They will be able to find the right person by typing in an email address to the search bar above.



8. Agents can now track their internet connection and know if their microphone is working well by checking these icons at the bottom of the SnapCall widget.



9. Agent ID is still where you would expect to find it – also at the bottom of the widget. Agents can click on it to copy their Agent ID in case they need to share it with their team.



How do I start with SnapCall?

SnapCall provides you an opportunity to try our technology entirely free for 14 days. Create an account and start your free trial. In case you need any assistance, reach out to our team via