Opening another webpage during the call pt. 2

This is the guide no. 2, explaining website browsing possibilities during the call, in case the SnapCall button is depicted on a website. 

There's another way to enable website browsing while in a call. Instead of embedding SnapCall widget on your website, you could design your own call button that would be linked to SnapCall technology, which would initiate a call on another page.


How would this look like for a customer? There are a couple of options.

1. The picture of a call button is connected to a link, which opens a new full-size page with the real digital call button on it. Once the customer presses on this button, the call is initiated.

This way, customers can open new pages, and look for information without the call being intruded.

2. Picture of a call button is connected to a link, which opens a new small-size page where a digital call is initiated.

This works just like making a call from a smartphone - once you press on a contact you want to call, a new window in which the call is initiated is opened. Customers can browse the website without worrying that the call is maintained


How do I start with SnapCall?

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