Adding button visibility filters


Would you like to have different buttons on various pages of your website? We believe it's a great way to increase your customers' engagement! 💫

Our new filtering feature enables you to easily allocate different buttons at specific pages of your website.

Buttons displayed at your Help Center and Pricing page can now look different and have separate messages by simply adding filters to each button.

Screenshot_2019-09-05_at_11.05.22.png             Screenshot_2019-09-05_at_11.17.41.png


Here's a step by step guide on how to allocate different buttons in particular pages of your website: 👇

1. Go to your Buttons page and press on a button that you want to allocate on a specific page of your website.


2. Press on the Edit button in the General Information section.


3. Press on +Add a filter.


4. Choose where the button will be displayed – you can filter button location by URL, UTM parameters or by cart value (the last filter applies to Shopify websites only). Don't forget to press Save.


5. Mark your buttons as displayed on your website.



Important things to keep in mind: 🔔

  • If you do not put any filters on, the same button will appear on all pages of your website.
  • If you have two buttons created without any filters on both of them and both buttons are put on display, the priority will be given to the button that has been created first.
  • If you have two buttons: the first does not have any filters and the second has a specific filter on, the second button will be shown on the specific page(s) chosen by you and the first button will be shown in all the rest of the pages on your website.


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