How can I see the call 'ratio' of each call button?

Go to your Ratio tab on your Calls menu. Capture_d_e_cran_2019-07-30_a__11.10.34.pngYou have access to:
- The number of display of your call buttons on your website/app
- The number of calls using those call buttons
- The ratio between the number of calls and display for each button


You can still filter your calls according to different criteria. Same Criteria as Calls:

DATE: Select specific date or certain period of time

CALL STATUS: Select one or several call status
 - Picked up calls
 - Missed calls 
 - Dropped calls
 - Call attempts

RATE: Select the call rating(s) you want

AGENTS: Select a specific agents or team

CLIENTS: Select a specific client

BUTTONS: Select calls from a specific button