How to connect Zendesk with SnapCall?


You registered on SnapCall and are ready to create your first button? Good job!

Before you start, it’s important to integrate SnapCall and Zendesk, so your agents can pick up digital calls launched from your website/mobile application there.



1. Visit Zendesk Marketplace, click on the Install button, and follow the installation steps.



 2. SnapCall icon will appear on the top bar of your Zendesk Support environment. Copy your Agent ID.



3. Go back to SnapCall dashboard to complete the onboarding. Follow the steps to create your first button: put in the button’s name, paste your Agent ID from SnapCall widget on Zendesk and choose the message for the button.

Keep in mind that you’ll be able to add more agents to this button directly in the dashboard later.


4. Choose the schedule template for when you would like the button to be displayed.


5. Now copy the JavaScript and paste it into your Google Tag Manager or Install SnapCall on your Shopify website.



 6. Enable notifications on the browser you’re using to receive notifications when a call is ringing on your Zendesk account.


Once you have installed the SnapCall application on your Zendesk account, created a call button with an Agent ID assigned to it, and installed the SnapCall button on your website, you will start receiving calls on Zendesk. 👍


How do I start with SnapCall?

SnapCall provides you an opportunity to try our technology entirely free for 14 days. Create an account and start your free trial. In case you need any assistance, reach out to our team via