How does receiving calls on Zendesk look like?


SnapCall integration with Zendesk provides a smooth experience for you and your team.

If you have integrated SnapCall with Zendesk, once a customer launches a call from your website or mobile application, your team will receive the call directly to the SnapCall widget on Zendesk.

Once an agent picks up the call, a ticket is automatically created with all the information about the calling customer.

If the customer is logged in to your website or mobile application, we will link new calls to all the previous interactions (tickets) of this customer. It provides the opportunity to track the situation through time and gives valuable data for agents dealing with the customer who has been in touch with the team before.

If the user hangs up before the agent gets an opportunity to help them, an automatic ticket is still created so you have all the necessary data to get in touch with the customer later.


How do I start with SnapCall?

SnapCall provides you an opportunity to try our technology entirely free for 14 days. Create an account and start your free trial. In case you need any assistance, reach out to our team via