How to configure and receive data in calls ?



There are two steps to receive customer data in calls:

  1. SnapCall has to gather data from your website during the call
  2. You receive data directly on your SnapCall dashboard and on your chosen platform


Gathering customer data during the call


1. Basic information

SnapCall automatically extracts:

  • the URL of the page from which the customer has launched a call
  • customer's location

2. E-commerce information

SnapCall has integration with an e-commerce platform Shopify. Integrate both platforms together by clicking here. Find more information about Shopify integration via this link.

Once SnapCall and Shopify are integrated, we automatically extract all the data that you gather about your customers:

  • customer's first and last name
  • customer's email address
  • customer's phone number
  • content of the customer's shopping cart
  • value of the customer's shopping cart

3. Extra context

If you add extraContext function to the source code of your website, SnapCall can collect all customer data you want us to provide to you later:

  • customer's first and last name
  • customer's email address
  • customer's phone number
  • customer's profile picture
  • etc.

We thought you might want to test this function before adding it to your source code. Here are the instructions on how to run a quick test.



Receiving customer data

1. On the SnapCall dashboard

To find customer data gathered during the calls launched from your website or mobile application, go to the calls' History section on your SnapCall dashboard. By clicking on each call, you'll be able to find customer data from each call in real-time.

2. On the Zendesk tickets

By integrating SnapCall with Zendesk, you receive digital calls directly on your Zendesk account. Every time a new call rings on Zendesk, a new ticket is created and all customer data gathered from your website is displayed there.

3. On your chosen platform

If you use SnapCall Rest API, you can retrieve your calls' data collected and stored in our system. Here's a link to our documentation on how to use his function.


How do I start with SnapCall?

SnapCall provides you an opportunity to try our technology entirely free for 14 days. Create an account and start your free trial. In case you need any assistance, reach out to our team via