How to customize a call button?


It’s easy to customize the look of your call buttons in order to make them look good on your website.

Here's a step by step guide on how to customize your buttons. 👇


1. Go to your Buttons menu. Select the call button you want to customize and click Customize.


2. Provide more information to your customer via Tooltips

You can display a tooltip represented by a little question mark on top of your button.

Use tooltips to provide additional information to your customers. You can also display some general information like your availability or email address. We suggest using tooltips to communicate important information to your customers.


3. Choose the color of your digital call button. 🎨



4. Select the size of your digital call button.


5. Choose the location of your digital call button.

Maybe you already have other widgets on your website? It's important to make sure every widget is in a good location!

Select the location of your digital call button - either on the left or the right. You can set a precise location using the pixels.



Video demonstration:


How do I start with SnapCall?

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