How to customize a call button?


It’s easy to customize your SnapCall buttons – here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it πŸ‘‡


1. When you open your SnapCall dashboard, you can find your call buttons in the Buttons section. Select the call button you want to edit and click on Customize.


2. Once you get to the customization menu, first section is called Tooltip Information. Use tooltips to communicate additional messages to your customers. Click on this section to edit it.



3. As shown in the picture below, tooltip is displayed as a little question mark on top of the button. Add text that you'd like to have on a tooltip (companies are using it to let customers know about their availability or other communication channels available). You can add up to 3 tooltips with different text inside each of them.



4. Choose the color of your digital call button. πŸŽ¨



5. Select the size of your digital call button.


6. Customize the location for your SnapCall button – set a precise location using the pixels.



7. Don't forget to save the customization for your button.



8. To customize the text on your SnapCall button, click on Edit button in the General Information section.



9. To change the business message on your button, click on Customise your business message and add the text you'd like to have on the button. Don't forget to save the changes.


Video demonstration:


How do I start with SnapCall?

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