How to add Zendesk agents to a SnapCall button?


For each button you can create a queue: if the first available agent doesn't reply after 10 seconds, the call goes to the next available agent and so on.

To add new agents it's easy:

  1. Download the SnapCall app on Zendesk.
    Each agent using SnapCall needs to download the SnapCall app and has its own SnapCall Agent ID.

  2. Create a queue with your agent on your SnapCall dashboard

  • When you update your call button, click on "Edit" on the Agents section


  • Insert either the email address or the Agent ID of the agent(s) you want to add in the queue of this button:



How do I start with SnapCall?

SnapCall provides you an opportunity to try our technology entirely free for 14 days. Create an account and start your free trial. In case you need any assistance, reach out to our team via