How digital calls differ from regular calls

For each call button, you can set a recipient showing where you would pick up this call, either a platform like Zendesk or your personal phone number.

Depending on the recipient, the call usage is calculated. Within each plan subscription, you have call usage for digital calls and calls.

What are digital calls?

Calls that are picked up on digital platforms such as Zendesk or within your mobile application.

What are the calls?

Calls that are picked on your mobile phone number, landline, or phone system.

Digital calls mean you keep your customers engaged within your website or the app all the time, even when they want to launch a call and get connected to your team. Nothing to install, just click on the call button and start the conversation. No long waiting times or inconvenient callbacks.


How do I start with SnapCall?

SnapCall provides you an opportunity to try our technology entirely free for 14 days. Create an account and start your free trial. In case you need any assistance, reach out to our team via