Can I receive several calls at the same time?

This is what would happen when several people try to call you at one call button if you have as call recipient:


Using the Zendesk integration, you would be able to assign several agents to one call button. Each time someone is calling you using that specific call button, it would be automatically assigned to an available agent. If all your agents are busy and cannot take the call, your customer will be put in a queue until one of the agents becomes available.

For more information about setting Zendesk as your call recipient for one call button click here.

Phone Number or Landline

People would wait on the line until it becomes free. If no one takes the call, they will go on the voice mail of your mobile carrier or landline phone hardware.

Phone system:

People would get assigned to the available agent you set on your phone system. If all your agents are busy taking calls, then your customer would be put in a queue (the one configured on your phone system) until one agent becomes available.

For more information about setting your call recipient click here.

*See more about Smart Plugs feature here.


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